Spicy Salmon Scotch Eggs

The Scotch Egg has been a classic aspect of any decent picnic or beige party spread for generations.  The combination of egg, sausage and breadcrumbs wrapped as it is in that convenient form make them pretty irresistible.  But why not mix things up a bit?  In the past I’ve made Black Pudding Scotch eggs, but this morning I was inspired memories of a delicious Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon I once had.  Gave it a go and was very happy with the results.

A word on eggs though – for something like this, where the egg isn’t just scrambled up or mixed into a dish – don’t skimp.  You want something decent with bright golden yolks.  I went for Blue Aurancana but there are all sorts of fabulous options open for you.


  • Eggs
  • Tinned pink/red salmon (around 2 tins for every 3 eggs)
  • Lemon Juice
  • Fresh Dill
  • Seasoning
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Chili Flakes


  1. Soft boil/steam your eggs.  I steamed mine in a covered saucepan with around 1 inch of water in it for 6 minutes.  When this time has gone by, quickly plunge them into ice water so the yolks don’t overcook.
  2. Meanwhile in a bowl break up your salmon and add a splash of lemon juice, a decent bunch of chopped fresh dill and some seasoning.  Taste and adjust – you want to make sure this has a decent bite, tinned salmon can be unfortunately bland, but it’s not worth using the good stuff on this recipe – trust me.
  3. Peel your eggs and coat with the salmon mixture.  I do this by laying the salmon out on cling film, placing the egg in the middle and then bringing up the sides.
  4. In a bowl mix up your bread crumbs with some chili flakes and any other spices you fancy.  I added some black sesame seeds to keep them visually interesting.
  5. Standard breading technique – roll in flour, then beaten egg, then the breadcrumbs.
  6. Time to cook.  The best way is definitely deep frying, however I decided to try and be healthy and did this under the grill with a little oil.  I think this took too long and the coating began to split apart as it slowly warmed up.  Shallow frying would also work, but again be careful not to over-handle these or they will simply fall apart.


I served with a bit of fresh lemon, some tartare sauce and some rocket.  Tomato based sauces would also be delicious with this.





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