Sausage, Apple and Blue Cheese Risotto


A few years ago I had was attempting to make a pear, ham and blue cheese salad but alas, the pears were (typically) too hard.  Instead, I settled on some apples I had nearby.  I found the slightly more tart tang of the apples interacted with the blue cheese in a different way – the acidity cut through the sharpness of the cheese.  Since then, the trio of blue cheese, apple and pork have been of interest to me.

While I utilised sage for its obvious partnership with apple and pork, but I see no reason why other similar flavours such as juniper or rosemary wouldn’t work.  The exact amount of blue cheese is down to you, but by jove add it slowly.  You don’t want to ruin the dish at the last hurdle.


  • Risotto rice (1/2 mug per portion)
  • Sausages (1-2 per serving) – I used a particularly thick pork and leek sausage
  • Onion
  • Crisp apple (1-2)
  • Blue cheese – I used about 3 tbsp for the entire dish
  • Dried Sage
  • White wine (glass or so)
  • Oil
  • Vegetable stock
  • Milk


  1. Dice your onion and fry gently in some oil until soft, before adding your sliced sausages.  Continue until sausages are thoroughly cooked.
  2. Add your rice and stir to cover in oil (you may need a splash more.)  Stir and gently heat until the grains are turning translucent, adding a few teaspoons of sage.
  3. Pour in your wine and stir on a medium heat until the wine is totally absorbed.
  4. From here it is standard course – half a mug of stock, stir until absorbed, repeat.  However, for the final stage add milk instead, to help achieve a creamier finale.
  5. Add your blue cheese and fold through – taste and adjust as needed.  You may want to add a splash of vinegar to help even it out.  Dice an apple and stir through.


Serve topped with some more apple and crumbled blue cheese.


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