Spicy Bean and Corn Quesadilla

I like to think of a quesadilla as the Central American cheese toastie – glorious, oozing cheese between two tortillas.  There are a few ways to cook them, but I went for the dry hot pan as I think it gives it all a nice crisp.  The beans were both delicious and nutritious, but you could of course put in just about anything!


  • Grated cheese – I used a medium hot mexicana, but any hard cheese will work.
  • Beans – I used a tinned mixture.  Kidney beans, pinto beans etc.
  • Paprika
  • Onion Powder
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Sweetcorn
  • Soft Tortilla


  1. In a bowl mix the beans with a teaspoon or two each of the spices and onion powder.  Use your hands to crush the beans a little.  If using a tinned mixture, as I did, leave a little of the aquafaba (bean water) in the mixture to help it all bind.
  2. Add the sweetcorn and combine well.
  3. Top a tortilla with the grated cheese, then a layer of the bean mixture.  Don’t spread it right to the edge, as it will spill and ooze out in the pan.
  4. Heat a large frying pan (without oil – use nonstick) and cook the quesadilla for a couple of minutes on each side.  Slice and serve immediately.


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