The Guesscipe Manifesto

There is a plague infecting our kitchens.  An despicable, insidious creation that casts a dark shadow over your food like the phlegm infested spit of a disgruntled cook.  Worse than scratches on a non-stick pan or holes in an oven glove, this dreadful being attacks you on an unseen level, winning your trust like a great hollow horse.  You welcome it to your work tops often imploring it to help you and yet without realising, you doom yourself.


Okay, so maybe I’m being a tad dramatic.  Nonetheless, I am a cook on a mission to free my fellow man from the constraints of measurements.  Good cooking is an art – it is a creative endeavour.  It is subject to change depending on its intended consumers and the situation.  Outside the realm of baking (now that IS a science) no recipe should be concrete.

Why stress over the amount of “tsps” of salt Nigella says belongs in the soup?  Does she know what’s good for your tongue (Oi, I’ll make the jokes here!)  In any case – NO!  No recipe is law – it is your own to twist and bend.  Okay, so the book says to use lemon juice but does it REALLY matter is all you have to hand is lime?  So the recipe says to use 500g of beef in the stew but you only have 300.  Just make up the rest with some extra veg!

The GuesscipeBook will aim to free you from the tyranny of recipes.

  • No exact measurement will be given unless absolutely necessary
  • No ingredient is irreplaceable and alternatives will be suggested
  • Cooking times vary to your tastes

As well as listing Guesscipes, this blog will suggest various alternatives to different cooking techniques and hopefully expose some of the truly pointless aspects of cooking.

Whether a novice or seasoned cook, making food should be a fun and easy activity.  Once you realise that recipes are not rules and begin to look for alternatives – then you truly expand your palette.  Tsp or Tbsp…does it matter?  Of course not – you are in charge of your food, so start enjoying cooking.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I appreciate your approach. Cooking, I feel, is such an intuitive and personal thing. If you give yourself permission to experiment, to just drive and see where it takes you, sometimes you will create what only your dog believes is a gourmet meal. And sometimes, you make a dinner that no one can forget. Bon apetit!

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