Cardamom and Banana 3-Ingredient Pancakes

I do love the aromatic flavour of a cardamom pod, there’s something quite fabulous about its faintly aniseed essence.  Well, until you accidentally bite into one in your pilau rice and the bitterness is overwhelming, but that’s beside the point.  I find the cardamom seeds give these insanely easy, coeliac-friendly pancakes a deliciously botanic undertone….

Banana Peel Burgers (low fat/high protein)

Yes, you read that correctly.  I’ll just give you a moment to get back into your chair, fan yourself, whatever it takes.  The other day I was wondering what kind of savoury food could be made using pancakes…what I uncovered was something far stranger than I ever imagined. Bizarrely, something about the banana peel in…