Cheese Stuffed Turkey Burger


This is one of my favourite meals to make for it’s sheer ease and ability to be altered.  Besides mince you can pretty much put anything you have in the fridge into the mix.  Quite frankly you don’t even need Turkey mince, this is just your basic stuffed burger technique.  The only essential ingredients are mincemeat and cheese – the rest is up to you.  Try to make the two suit each other – I used a Cranberry Wensleydale to complement the Turkey.


As usual – scale up the ingredients to match your audience.  Just use common sense – you know how big a burger is.  Just don’t forget that as they cook and water/fat leaks out they will shrink slightly.


  • Mincemeat 
  • Cheese


  • Onion
  • Mushrooms
  • Capers
  • Breadcrumbs (to add bulk)
  • Peppers/Chili


  1. Chop any additional ingredients into chunks.  The size is purely up to you – I tend to make them small because I don’t like too much crunch in the burger.
  2. Place these in a bowl with the mincemeat.  Forget a fork – shove your hands in and combine thoroughly.
  3. Shape into patties – this is easier if you wet your hands first.  Again – these will shrink during the cooking process so make them a little wider than you want the finished product.
  4. Make a little dent in the center of the patty.  Place your cheese (grated or small chunks) in the middle, then fold the sides of the patty over it, trapping the cheese in the middle.  Seal up well so it doesn’t leak during cooking.
  5. Grill or fry – the main thing is to not play with them too much.  3 flips is more than enough and don’t prod them or IMAG1148you’ll end up with a dry burger.  To make sure they’re cooked look at the sides.  When it’s changed colour half way up flip and cook the other side.  When the colour has fully changed, give it a bit longer.  The exact amount of char you like is up to you.  If you cut into the burger later and it’s not cooked just put it back – no big deal.


Again, the bun/sauce/garnish is very flexible.  Don’t add cold salad items until the last minute so they don’t heat up too quickly.  I used an English muffin with lettuce and salad cream then served with sweet potato fries (I’ll post instructions on these too) and steamed florets.


If you’re making far in advance, wrap the patties BEFORE cooking and freeze, just be sure to give them time to defrost.  Check your mince for how long they’ll last in the fridge before cooking.  I don’t recommend keeping them post cooking – they’ll dry out very quickly and well…who wants a second hand burger?


Post your favourite burger-cheese combinations in the comments, I’m always looking to try something new.  




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